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Table 3 Number of papers with data screening statements by location in the paper

From: Hidden analyses: a review of reporting practice and recommendations for more transparent reporting of initial data analyses

  Location in Paper
Mentioned in papers, n (%)MRDS
Description of non-outcome variables25 (100%)524015
Description of missing values of non-outcome variables19 (76%)61206
Reporting association between non-outcome variables14 (56%)5605
Description of non-outcome variables for subgroups21 (84%)219111
Description of transformation of non-outcome variables10 (40%)4402
Description of outcome variable(s)25 (100%)22509
Information of missing values for outcome variables12 (48%)3734
Description of methods for outcome variables19 (76%)13401
Description of missingness of subjects15 (60%)11125
Description of transformations in outcome variables7 (28%)1600
  1. Abbreviations: M Methods, R Results, D Discussion, S Supplement