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Table 2 Variables analyzed in the sensitivity analyses, used more than 5 times in the analyzed sample (N = 678)

From: Methodological tools and sensitivity analysis for assessing quality or risk of bias used in systematic reviews published in the high-impact anesthesiology journals

VariablesN (%)
Various aspects of quality/risk of bias90 (13)
Statistics and effect sizes (heterogeneity, effect sizes, imprecise effect estimates, intention-to-treat analysis, different methods for effect size calculations, different results, correlation coefficients, meta-regression, imputation of data, different analysis methods, event rate, standard deviation calculated from standard error)58 (8.6)
Intervention variations52 (7.7)
Impact of each individual study (sequential exclusion of single studies)31 (4.6)
Patients’ characteristics (such as smoking, gender, weight)24 (3.5)
Type of outcomes (such as different pain scales)23 (3.4)
Type of included studies (crossover studies, randomized controlled trials, non-randomized studies, non-blinded studies, data from retracted studies, mixed data, peer-reviewed manuscripts)13 (1.9)
Trial size7 (1.0)
Publication bias6 (0.9)
Comparator6 (0.9)
Covariates5 (0.7)
Type of funding5 (0.7)