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Table 2 Overall SMS compliance stratified by study and question

From: Frequently repeated measurements -our experience of collecting data with SMS

StudyQuestion(s)N of SMS according to study protocolOverall Compliance n (%)
Studies with 52 weeks “Weekly” studies
 MC ChiroNumber of bothersome pain days16,69216,505 (98.9)
 Work-UpNumber of days of sick leave18,30416,601 (90.7)
Productivity loss18,30416,531 (90.3)
Disability18,30416,475 (90.0)
 PARANumber of circuit training sessions11,44010,084 (88.1)
Number of additional days with 30 min activity sessions11,4409959 (87.1)
Studies with less than 52 weeks
 SCIP Fallsa) (25 weeks)Fallen or not (Yes/no)53505175 (96.7)
 SPA I (13 weeks)Level of stress12221192 (97.5)
 SPA II (26 weeks)Level of stress22882209 (96.5)
  1. aEvery other week for 49 weeks