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Table 2 Post-Interview Responses to Opinions About Using Technology for Interview (n = 27)

From: Using online technologies to improve diversity and inclusion in cognitive interviews with young people

ResponseNumber% of Totala
Reported easy or very easy to schedule video interview over emails2385%
Preferred method of scheduling interview
 Phone call517%
Reported easy or very easy to use video chat for interview1867%
Reported convenient or very convenient to use video chat for interview2489%
Reported comfortable or very comfortable speaking about personal life with the researcher over video chat1970%
Reported private or very private to use video chat for interview2281%
Device used for interview
Preferred method for interview
 Video chat – Zoom or other2385%
 In person27%
 Other place/method14%
 No Response14%
  1. a Frequencies may not add to 100 due to rounding