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Table 1 The sample we aimed to recruit from each site

From: Recruiting a representative sample of urban South Australian Aboriginal adults for a survey on alcohol consumption

Site Number Percent
Public space 440 62.3
Indigenous health service 68 9.6
Community groups 51 7.2
Indigenous community colleges 43 6.1
Unemployment and housing services 34 4.8
Homelessness servicesa 34 4.8
Mental health and AODb services 25 3.5
Childcare services 7 1.0
Cultural groups 4 0.6
  1. Public spaces included shopping malls and public events such as local festivals; a Local Aboriginal research assistants assigned clients to the homelessness strata based on their local knowledge of participants surveyed at hostels for individuals living rough, when accessing a food van, a health service or community centre, or living rough (in local ‘parklands’); b alcohol and other drug services