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Table 3 Impact of providers’ city on the association between incentive type and likelihood of survey response

From: Comparison of up-front cash cards and checks as incentives for participation in a clinician survey: a study within a trial

City Survey responses among those receiving checks Survey responses among those receiving cash cards Adjusted OR for survey response with check versus cash card incentive (95% CI)a
Boston 53.2% 57.1% 0.74 (0.33, 1.69)
New York 43.2% 41.9% 1.07 (0.44, 2.58)
Los Angeles 63.6% 25.7% 4.73 (1.65, 13.50)
Philadelphia 62.5% 35.7% 3.61 (1.11, 11.72)
  1. aUsing logistic regression with interaction terms for city and incentive type; ORs are adjusted for provider sex, type and specialty. Measure of effect modification by city: p = 0.02 using Wald Chi-square test