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Table 2 Parameters are constant within a dataset but vary between datasets

From: Time dependent hazard ratio estimation using instrumental variables without conditioning on an omitted covariate

Element Value Set
log Odds Ratio U vs X: αUX (−log(10), log(10))
log Odds Ratio W vs X: αWX (log(2), log(50)
ρ: correlation of copula 0.50, 0.99
Copula family Gaussian, Clayton, Gumbel
Stepwise log Hazard Ratio Period 1 β1 [−ln(3),−ln(3)+log(6)/24,…, ln(3)]
Stepwise log Hazard Ratio Period 2 β2 [−ln(3),−ln(3)+log(6)/24,…, ln(3)]
log-linear HR intercept \([ -1, -0.8,\dots,1]\)
log-linear HR slope over time \([ -0.5, -0.4,\dots, 0.5]\)
Sample size of each dataset 1000
Censoring frequency 0.50
Number of events 500
  1. Before each dataset is constructed the parameters above are randomly drawn with equal probability from the value set