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Table 9 Levels and abbreviations of the factors constituting the simulation space, inter-rater agreement measures and weights

From: The impact of grey zones on the accuracy of agreement measures for ordinal tables

R×R table Abbr. Level of true agreement Abbr. Table structure Abbr.
q=3 3×3 Low L Balanced BL
q=4 4×4 Medium M Slightly Unbalanced UB1
q=5 5×5 High H Heavily Unbalanced UB2
q=6 6×6     
Sample size Abbr. Inter-rater agreement measure Abbr. Type of weight Abbr.
50 n=50 Cohen’s kappa κ Unweighted unweighted
100 n=100 Scott’s π π Linear weight linear
200 n=200 Gwet’s AC2 AC2 Quadratic weight quadratic
500 n=500 Brennan - Prediger BP Ordinal weight ordinal
1000 n=1000 Krippendorff’s α α Radical weight radical