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Table 3 Analysis of risk factors in the analysis data set

From: Modeling of atrophy size trajectories: variable transformation, prediction and age-of-onset estimation

Variable Estimate 95% CI p-value
time [in years] 0.42 (0.36, 0.50) <0.0001
time x (hyperchol.= no) 0.11 (0.06, 0.17) <0.0001
time x (hypertension = no) -0.09 (-0.17,-0.03) 0.0004
Variance Term Estimate   
Eye:Patient γi 1.832   
Patient ζj 4.032   
Residuals ε 0.422   
  1. The table presents the coefficient estimates and bootstrap 95% confidence intervals that were obtained from fitting Model (6) with transformed response (λ=0.45) to an imputed version of the analysis data set. The model parameter μΔ, which reflects the mean disease age at study entry, was estimated to be \(\hat {\mu }_{\Delta }=4.74\) (95% CI [3.41, 4.83]). P-values were obtained using the R package lmerTest [25]