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Table 4 Characteristics of the included study populations

From: Satisfaction and experience with colorectal cancer screening: a systematic review of validated patient reported outcome measures

Questionnaire (Reference) Population Disease characteristics Questionnaire administration  
N Age
Mean (SD)
Range (%)
Gender Disease Setting Moment of administration Response rate
CSSQP32 505 60.7 (5.2) 38.6% female Women and men who had undergone a colonoscopy after a positive fecal occult blood test within the colorectal cancer screening program 2 hospitals The day after the colonoscopy and return to a mailbox 74.9% (378/505)
Patient Satisfaction Scale with Bowel Preparation33 1.211 56 61% female Women and men (18–80 years) scheduled for an elective outpatient colonoscopy University hospitals, academic medical centers, private clinics Prior to the colonoscopy 98.7% (1195/1211)
Post- procedure questionnaire35 148 21–40 (18%)
41–60 (64%)
61–80 (17%)
> 80 (1%)
63% female Women and men (≥18 years) who underwent routine procedures (gastric endoscopy, colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy) 1 hospital After the procedure 89,7% (148/165)
SmGHAA-9 m34 485 51 (16) 57% female Women and men scheduled for an endoscopic procedure (colonoscopy or gastroscopy) 2 hospitals: one private (the source of most patients) By telephone 3 weeks after the procedure 93,8%
Screening Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Assessment Questionnaire36 1.221 61.8 (6.1) 45.5% female Women and men who underwent screening flexible sigmoidoscopy 2 hospitals. 97% of participants were participants in an RCT After the sigmoidoscopy, prior to discharge or returned by mail 100%