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Table 1 Overview of NCCMT Rapid Evidence Service team and key responsibilities

From: Methods to support evidence-informed decision-making in the midst of COVID-19: creation and evolution of a rapid review service from the National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools

Role (number of staff) Responsibilities
NCCMT Scientific Director (1) • Approves question prioritization
• Approves completed reviews
• Advises on methodological decisions
NCCMT Operational Lead (1) • Approves resource allocation
• Reviews weekly plan and helps identify potential conflicts
RES Scientific Lead (1) • Makes decisions on methodological approach to reviews
• Approves deviations from standard protocol
• Conducts internal peer review of all rapid reviews
Rapid Review Lead (3) • Oversees entire process, per review
• Defines question(s) and PICO(s)
• Identifies search terms
• Completes full text review of results and makes final decisions on study inclusion
• Decides how best to organize each review
• GRADEs the evidence
• Writes the Executive Summary and key messages for dissemination
RES Coordinator (1) • Triages question requests, logs questions for team consideration, and consults with RES Scientific Lead, as needed
• Documents decisions from weekly team meetings
• Contributes to question definition and PICO(s)
• Liaises with Rapid Review Lead(s) and staff to coordinate each review
• Assigns review teams and develops schedule
• Ensures protocol followed
• Implements Rapid Review Lead(s)/RES Scientific Lead decision(s) (e.g., review framing and presentation)
• Supports staff questions in search, appraise, and study summary stages, consulting RES Scientific Lead, as needed
• Facilitates dissemination of reviews
• Contributes to review support stages, as needed
Rapid Review Search Lead (1) • Conducts initial search of key sources for similar recent reviews
• Works with RES Scientific Lead and Rapid Review Lead(s) to refine search strategy or inclusion criteria, as needed
• Assigns search tasks to Rapid Review Search Staff, fields questions
Rapid Review Search Staff (1–2) • Searches databases and tracks results
• Completes title and abstract level screening
Rapid Review Internal Staff Support (3–4) • Uses existing template to build rapid review document
• Contributes to data extraction and critical appraisal of included studies
• Formats final review document
• Posts to RES web page and rapid review repository (in progress and complete)
• Posts social media content
Rapid Review External Contractor Support (3–4) • Contributes to data extraction and critical appraisal of included studies
Abbreviations: GRADE: Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development and Evaluation; NCCMT: National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools; PICO: Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome; RES: Rapid Evidence Service
Note: Some staff contribute to more than one role, e.g., the RES Scientific Lead also acts as a Rapid Review Lead, search staff may contribute as internal support staff, etc.