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Table 2 NCCMT Rapid Evidence Service search strategy: COVID-19-relevant databases

From: Methods to support evidence-informed decision-making in the midst of COVID-19: creation and evolution of a rapid review service from the National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools

Organization Database URL
Medline Medline (OVID)*
World Health Organization Global literature on coronavirus disease*
McMaster University McMaster PLUS™ COVID-19 Evidence Alerts*
McMaster Health Forum
MedRxiv Preprint Server for Health Sciences*
Epistemonikos COVID-19 Living Overview of the Evidence (L·OVE)*
University of York Prospero Registry of Systematic Reviews
Cochrane COVID Review Bank
University of Oxford Oxford COVID-19 Evidence Service: Current Questions Under Review
NCCMT COVID-19 Rapid Evidence Reviews
The University of Edinburgh Uncover (USHER Network for COVID-19 Evidence Reviews)
Alberta Health Services Catalogue of internally completed syntheses
CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
Public Health England Catalogue of internally completed syntheses
*Denotes high yield database
Abbreviations: CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; NCCMT: National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools
Note: Other databases may be searched when relevant to the research question(s); a comprehensive list of databases, as well as additional information and descriptions, can be found in the Supplementary Materials.