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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Ethnographic research as an evolving method for supporting healthcare improvement skills: a scoping review

  Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Method • Stated to be using ethnographic methods of any kind • Meta-ethnography or meta-synthesis
• Scoping review or other review methodologies
• Interviewing or observational work alone without reference to ethnographic lens
Subject matter • Studies relating to healthcare topics or from an applied healthcare discipline, as defined by the specific search terms • Public health topics (health promotion, screening, vaccination, communicable disease management,  etc.)
• Health-related topics that are not within health service context, such as
 o self-management techniques, care homes, social care, peer support groups, refugee centres, day care, community interventions, prisons
 o health beliefs, cultural attitudes, patient views, disease experiences
 o trial acceptability, research acceptability
o ethnography related to basic science
• Social care
• Organisational studies that are not situated in health service settings
• Studies about ethnographic methodology with no specific reference to health or healthcare
Study design • Peer-reviewed publications
• Studies that state their use of ethnographic methods
• Commentary, letter, response, critical review
• Book review