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Table 3 Overview of the implemented scales in Study1,2

From: Evaluating the psychometric properties of the German adaptation of the client attachment to therapist scale

Scales Operationalization Dimensions
CATSa patients’ feelings and expectations toward their therapist from an attachment point of view. Secure, avoidant-fearful, preoccupied-Merger.
SCL-90-R Psychological distress Somatization, obsessive-compulsive, interpersonal sensitivity, depression, anxiety, hostility, phobic anxiety, paranoid ideation, psychoticism.
BFCE Expectations of the patients towards the therapist Fear of Rejection, readiness for self-Disclosure, and conscious need for care.
HAQ Quality of the therapeutic relationship Relationship satisfaction, outcome satisfaction.
  1. aGerman adaptation of the CATS Client Attachment to Therapist Scale, SCL-90-R Symptom Check List-90-Revised, BFCE The Bielefeld Client Expectations Questionnaire, HAQ Helping Alliance Questionnaire