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Table 1 Allocation of all participants to groups after they all provided baseline data

From: Creating groups with similar expected behavioural response in randomized controlled trials: a fuzzy cognitive map approach

Line Action
1 The FCM has k prognostic factors, denoted f1, …, f k and all linked.
2 The FCM has one intervention linked to the k prognostic factors.
3 The Fuzzy Cognitive Map is built from all participants data and denoted FCM(f1, …, f k )
4 For each participant i
4-a  The participant’s expected change is computed by Ei = FCM(f1, …, fk)
5 Participants are sorted in ascending order of Ei
6 Assume that participants must be allocated to n groups. For each participant in order:
6-a  Allocate participant i to group (i modulo n)